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246,000 homeless and abandoned animals entered North Carolina shelters in 2018 and 32% were euthanized. We would like to help improve those numbers so that North Carolina doesn't continue to rank 3rd in the nation for highest shelter euthanasia rates.

Can you help us?

Paws 4 Purpose will assist any county shelter that struggles with high intakes and that lack adequate resources for the following:

Heartworm Treatments

Not long ago if a dog entered a shelter and tested heartworm positive (HW+) they would have been immediately euthanized. Thankfully many shelters now give these HW+ animals a chance to find their furever home by informing potential adopters of the diagnosis and educating them on proper treatment. The new families are then responsible for paying for their new pet's health care. Even though heartworms are a serious health issue, most animals recover with proper treatment. These improvements in education and advocacy have reduced the number of animals immediately euthanized. However HW+ animals still have a difficult time getting adopted. One of our goals at Paws 4 Purpose is to partially sponsor the treatment and reduce the cost that is passed on to the potential adopter.

 Will you help us by donating towards our sponsorship? You can donate to the general fund or donate to a specific shelter and dog by name.

Spay/Neuter Programs 

One of the first steps in lowering the euthanasia rate in North Carolina is to prevent unwanted litters. One female dog can produce 2 litters of 6-10 puppies/year. This means, one spayed female and her off-spring can produce 67,000 dogs in 6 years. An estimated 80% of those dogs will be euthanized in shelters. This program is so important to help prevent animals from entering the shelter system all together. This program will be for low income individuals who can't afford to have their pet fixed. We will also offer this to animals that spend their whole life outside, no dog should be having puppies while tied up in the yard 24/7.

Will you help us prevent unwanted litters from entering the shelter by donating?

  General Shelter Support

Paws 4 Purpose will aid shelters by helping to provide food, enrichment toys, medical supplies and any other assistance a shelter may request.  

Paws 4 Purpose
Paws 4 Purpose
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